I get calls regularly from customers looking to sell bikes. I find that about 20% of the bikes are older models, 70’s and 80’s “racing” bikes. After speaking to so many of these customers, I almost cringe when I hear them start to describe it, knowing that I will be delivering bad news to them. Many of these people have been wrongly advised the bikes have significant value. But the sad truth is they don’t. Many get upset when I advise them the values of these beautiful classics are next to worthless. If any repairs are needed which usually new tires are, they have almost no value. We have seen bikes regularly sell for around $100 in mint condition. Every once in a while a bike will be posted to an online forum for $500-$600 dollars but after months of trying to sell them and continually dropping the price, they end up in that $100-$200 range. It is a sad reality of our industry. With over 10 years in the industry, we have seen 1, maybe 2 bikes that had any significant value being vintage, out of 100’s. I refer people to bicyclebluebook.com, our online bike valuation tool and also to craigslist or ebay to find a bike like theirs so they can see what they are actually selling (not just the list price, asking price or Buy it now. Actual Sold products) for. We have picked up a few of these classic bikes over the years and you can see them hanging in our shop. But the truth is, we have had so many come into our possession that we could fill our shop with them. We donate them to the Guardian Ad Litem program or other customers fix them up for their kids or for fixed gear training bikes. It breaks my heart to see so much history mean nothing, as far as value is concerned. But that’s the way it is. Unfortunately, we live in a society that generally does not appreciate them. We want newer, better, faster. We want more technology. And at the same time, we are losing the classic bikes that were a major part of our history.